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Review: The Bro Show

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The Bro Show opens to a rap song. It’s actually a lot of fun. Chase Padgett, star of last year’s Fringe show 6 Guitars is back with his brother Ross, for a two man sketch comedy show. The show takes place in the Dade Art & Design venue, which basically features the Padgett brothers on […]

Review: Peter ‘n Chris and the Hungry Heart Motel

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Peter and Chris return to the Fringe this year with their entry about the Hungry Heart Motel. It’s a mystery, you see, and the mystery is that the motel manager is the murderer. I’m not really giving anything away. We launch into the slapstick comedy of Peter and Chris and their journey to the Hungry […]

Enough to keep you – Fringing.

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It’s that time of year again! The Calgary Fringe Festival is on and it starts tomorrow. This year, I’ll be running reviews (and previews if I can manage it) from this blog! Unfortunately, I’ll be away this long weekend, but I’m slotted to see 14 shows next week. I’m not joking. It’ll be an intense […]