Review: The Bro Show

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The Bro Show opens to a rap song. It’s actually a lot of fun. Chase Padgett, star of last year’s Fringe show 6 Guitars is back with his brother Ross, for a two man sketch comedy show.

The show takes place in the Dade Art & Design venue, which basically features the Padgett brothers on a stage, in an art gallery. So if you want fancy lighting design to indicate scene changes, you can just close your eyes (it’s almost like darkness!)

The Bro Show features Chase on his guitar and an ecclectic collection of comical stories. There are some moments that will have you laughing.
Like when the brothers pull up a lady and serenade her in hiphop rap, making it all up as they go along. The show features a sketch about the difference between American and Canadians, a performance of Jingle Bells, an info session about cannibus, interspliced between ‘Great moments in history’. It’s all good fun, but it could be more engaging, the writing could be tighter. The rap songs are the best part of the performance as they display the musical and improvisational talents of both Chase and Ross.

The Bro Show runs at the Calgary Fringe Festival again today, tomorrow and Friday.


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