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A look inside the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers’ decision to tour

Read the article on The Dance Current website.

There is something for everyone in Stage West’s Tortoise and Hare in the Great Race.

Birnton Theatricals have created theatre for children at Stage West for a decade. Artistic Director Chris Stockton has written this year’s spring production Tortoise and Hare in the Great Race. Loosely based on the fable of the tortoise and the hare, this production is also based on the television reality tv series The Amazing Race. […]

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Broadway Across Canada’s Hamilton is an epic production

There are a handful of things that sets Broadway Across Canada’s Hamilton apart from other musicals. The entire production, from start to finish is told through song. Every musical number develops the story and there is no dialogue between songs. The choreography is also a huge part of the production, with every artist on stage […]

Vertigo Theatre’s Clue is the comedic finale of their season

Vertigo Theatre is closing their season on a high note. Clue is based on the 1949 film which is based on the boardgame. It’s a riot as a theatre production, written by Sandy Rustin. This is a powerhouse cast, mostly all of whom have mastered their comedic abilities, making for a really clever production. Throw […]