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A Dinosaur Tale stomps through Calgary for a second run

Jeff Parry and Annerin Productions is mounting another production of A Dinosaur Tale, this time at the Bella Concert Hall in Mount Royal University. The play is written by Calgary’s theatre critic Louis B. Hobson and premiered in September at the Jubilee Auditoriums. The play tells of a school teacher (Anne Hodgson), Miss Henshaw, who […]

LiveWire Calgary – The Grand: Breathing new life into Calgary’s oldest theatre

I investigate what is going for the GRAND theatre. Article on LiveWire Calgary.

Vicki Adams Willis’ Legacy in Jazz Dance

A dive into Willis’ career and legacy. Read the article on the Dance Current website.

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Vertigo Theatre’s Cipher is worth it for the theatricality but not for the story

At first glance, Vertigo Theatre’s Cipher seems to be focused on the unsolved murder mystery that drives the play. A body was found on the beach in Victoria, BC in 1958 and it was concluded that the victim was poisoned. But there are all sorts of clues that surround the case, but no one has […]

Theatre Calgary’s A Christmas Carol has changed, but not for the better

Theatre Calgary’s production of A Christmas Carol, has been a holiday tradition for a long time. It has been re-adapted and changed over the years. This year’s production, adapted by Geoffrey Simon Brown, still rings similar to past productions. It’s still the same story, with the same message at its core. But this year’s production […]

Lunchbox Theatre’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ is a lighter theatre offering for the holiday

There is something about being in a place where you should fit in but feeling like you don’t belong. That’s what’s going on for Ginger (Ali DeRegt) the elf in Lunchbox Theatre’s production of All I Want for Christmas by Rebecca Northan. She’s in a new job in the mailroom at the North Pole, because […]