Enough to keep you – Fringing.

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It’s that time of year again! The Calgary Fringe Festival is on and it starts tomorrow.
This year, I’ll be running reviews (and previews if I can manage it) from this blog!
Unfortunately, I’ll be away this long weekend, but I’m slotted to see 14 shows next week.
I’m not joking. It’ll be an intense week.

Here are some shows on my list and why I think they are of note:

The Hoodwink – Cat on the table productions
Originating from Calgary, this one woman play looks to have a lot of potential. Melanie Murray was in To Kill A Mockingbird, so it will be interesting to see her Fringe Show.
– I won’t be seeing this until Thursday. Drop me a comment if you see it before I do.

Peter ‘n Chris and the Hungry Heart Motel – Peter ‘n Chris
I saw these guys last year, and R. and I have a running joke going based on their lines. They are funny and charming and this should be an hour of comical theatre.
– Tuesday! They have a couple shows before that.

Push in Case of Emergency – String and Tape Productions
Oh my god, this is my play. I mean, I once wrote a short story based on this very same concept. People trapped in an elevator. So I have to see this for the concept alone. Though I’m unsure as to what they mean exactly by multi-genre. We’ll see.
– Reviewing their second to last show, so feedback is welcome.

She has a name – Burnt Thicket Theatre
The story about a brothel in Bangkok. And the lawyer who is working to build a legal case against it. This isn’t exactly fun theatre. But I’ve heard a bunch about this play, so I’m in for one heavy hour of theatre.
– Seeing it Wednesday.

Aerial Allusions – Azana Productions
This play combines dance, clowns and theatre. I couldn’t be running a dance company and NOT see this. So I’m taking my chances.
– One of Four on Thursday.

See you at the Fringe! Watch for reviews here!


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