Review: Peter ‘n Chris and the Hungry Heart Motel

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Peter and Chris return to the Fringe this year with their entry about the Hungry Heart Motel. It’s a mystery, you see, and the mystery is that the motel manager is the murderer. I’m not really giving anything away.

We launch into the slapstick comedy of Peter and Chris and their journey to the Hungry Heart Motel. These two stick to somewhat of a script, incorporating typical physical comedy and sexual innuendo and typical mystery comedy. The moments of laughter come out when the two actors improvised within the scenes. Like when Chris is making mouse noises and Peter points out that their legs must be super long.
Using limited props, basic lighting and sound design, Peter and Chris create a fun hour long play.

Peter and Chris put on a high energy, comical show, but it doesn’t stand up to last year. Though this play features moments of genuine charm and comedy, the laughs are a little far between. But maybe towards the end of the run, the improvisation will just get better and better.

Peter ‘n Chris and the Hungry Heart Motel runs at the Calgary Fringe Festival today and tomorrow.


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