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Review: Guys in Disguise – The Silver Anniversary Edition

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Can I confess something? I’ve never reviewed a drag show, formally. Which isn’t to say I’m inexperienced in seeing drag, as I’ve seen my fair share. I’ve just never reviewed it. And Guys in Disguise at the Fringe Festival is a drag show. So here is a bit of advice. If you have no desire […]

Review: The Hefner Monologues

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I have good news and bad news about The Hefner Monologues. Let’s start with the good news: this play reignited my love for the Calgary Fringe Festival. The bad news? There is a chance that John Hefner will be cancelling his last show due to personal reasons. So the one play that struck a chord […]

Review: The Three L’s

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Inside Out Theatre is an ensemble of actors with mixed abilities and The Three L’s are listen, learn and laugh. The group stitches together sequences, some that are fully improvised from suggestions from the audience, and some of them are scripted. We start with a sequence on a bus, where travelers board the bus and […]