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Enough to keep you – Connected

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CivicCamp 3D took place last Saturday. CivicCamp is a basically a collection of people from all occupations and places with one thing in common. They want to make Calgary a better city. Whatever that means to you, better transportation, more access to community gardens, less traffic or a more open process of making decisions in […]

Enough to keep you – Looking

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I had Soba noodles on the shelf and tofu in the fridge so I thought it might be nice to try a new recipe. I’ve looked at 101 Cookbooks recipes and decided to try this recipe here It seemed fairly simple and healthy. I cut up tofu.

Enough to keep you – Attempting

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Time to stir something up. Risotto seemed like one of those dishes that would be pretty difficult to make. I must admit it is kind of intimidating, but really, it’s just a labour intensive dish of love. That’s right. I said it. I was following this recipe here. So I went and got the ingredients […]