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Time to stir something up.
Risotto seemed like one of those dishes that would be pretty difficult to make. I must admit it is kind of intimidating, but really, it’s just a labour intensive dish of love. That’s right. I said it.
I was following this recipe here.

So I went and got the ingredients (organic chicken broth is expensive! but typically it has way less saturated fat and sodium content, so worth the extra dollars). I found mine at Sobeys, but I think Safeway sells it as well.
I use as little butter as possible and opt for extra virgin olive oil instead.
The first time I made risotto it was a little hard, I ran out of broth and wine and wasn’t sure how long to cook it for. The critical thing about this dish is practice really. My room mate just throws it all together and it is amazing. He doesn’t stir as much as I do either. What was I doing wrong?

Then I went to Jamie Oliver’s recipes. Seriously, I’m in love with Jamie Oliver. He always points out the important things to do within a recipe.
His take on risotto is hereRisotto
He points out that you can use boiling water if you run out of stock and wine. And the key to a nice risotto is letting a sit for a couple minutes after adding the Parmesan.

My second attempt at risotto was much more successful. I used red wine instead of white and added mushrooms and a little bit of butter. Broccoli would be great in there.

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