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I had Soba noodles on the shelf and tofu in the fridge so I thought it might be nice to try a new recipe. I’ve looked at 101 Cookbooks recipes and decided to try this recipe here
It seemed fairly simple and healthy.
I cut up tofu.Cut up tofu

I wasn’t sure it that was too much, but I probably wasn’t going to be using the package of tofu again so I just cut up the whole thing. I used my food processor instead of a mortar and pestle. Put all the ingredients together and this is what it looked like.

It doesn’t look bad. But the garlic is way too strong in the dish and there isn’t very much sauce. It didn’t really work well for me. I don’t think the balance of ingredients were off. Maybe it’s supposed to taste that way.

I’ll try another recipe from this website sometime soon because they do look promising. But this one was definitely not a success. Too strong and too much lime.

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