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Enough to keep you – Feeling pleasantly Sour.

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I’ve finally found some time to cook. And there seems to be a theme to this blog. Mostly it seems that all I ever cook are noodles or pasta. Well, I do eat other things. I just don’t blog about them. And my roomate is a great cook, so I only really do new things […]

Enough to keep you – Entertained.

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The past several weeks have been concert filled. And I’m behind in posting about them. Meagan Smith was in town. She came to play at the Ironwood, and her show was really great.

Enough to keep you – Pleased.

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As previously mentioned a while ago, I love Jamie Oliver. And he’s really big into making his own bread. And I’m not quite there yet. But I thought I would make my own pizza dough from scratch. Oh and I would have people over. Who are far more competent at baking than I am. Good […]