Who killed Gertrude Grump? – Review

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Monster Theatre is back at the Calgary Fringe Festival, with a new production told with puppets. Who killed Gertrude Grump? is a whodunit murder mystery told with puppets, starring Calgary Theatre Critics Nominee Tara Travis, the play is a funny, charming story that is quite similar to Agatha Christie’s And then there were none.

Who killed Gertrude Grump? is a murder mystery told by handheld puppets. Travis manipulates the puppets and changes the scenery simultaneously. She puts on a tongue and cheek performance, smiling and winking at the audience and if  a puppet falls over, she rolls with the punches. Travis combines charm, comedy and personality into this play, making for a unique narrative.

The play tells of different characters who come to a secluded hotel, that you have to get to by boat, to have a weekend getaway. The famous author Gertrude Grump is the last of the guests to arrive and the next morning, is found dead in her room. The investigation into her murder is launched and the story unfolds with Travis whispering to the audience in the background, ‘are you getting it?’

Who killed Gertrude Grump? is a fun murder mystery told by the immensely talented Travis. Even if you are not into puppets, Travis puts anyone at ease. This performance is a not to be missed play within the Calgary Fringe Festival.

Who killed Gertude Grump? is part of the Calgary Fringe Festival. There are 4 more changes to catch it. More information is available online.

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  1. PhysicsGal

    It was high energy. As a one woman show, she is impressive. It lags in the middle but still a great act to catch with teenage fringers


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