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An honest* History of Bullshit – Review

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Paco Erhard’s stand up comedy performance on Thursday night at the Ironwood had a smaller crowd, but Erhard was able to roll with it. In his act Erhard discusses the definition of bullshit, basically pretending to be something you are not. He jokes about how we are so awash in it, that we have grown […]

False Profits – Review

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If you’re feeling anxious lately, with the state of the economy and the state of politics, maybe Jeff Leard’s new show False Profits isn’t for you. Because it doesn’t hold back on illustrating the depths of our dumpster fire. But maybe it’s also what you need to see, a no nonsense, tell it like it […]

Clarence Darrow – Review

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Clarence Darrow was an American lawyer who defended the underdog and was known for opposing the death penalty. David Rintels wrote a solo play about Darrow, where the lawyer details his career and life. In the Calgary Fringe Festival, Brian Jenson plays Darrows and is measured and solid in his performance. It’s a fascinating narrative […]