Review: The Three L’s

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Inside Out Theatre is an ensemble of actors with mixed abilities and The Three L’s are listen, learn and laugh. The group stitches together sequences, some that are fully improvised from suggestions from the audience, and some of them are scripted.

We start with a sequence on a bus, where travelers board the bus and interact with one passenger who is particularly rude. We move next into a skit about being in a doctor’s office and various things are ailing our patient, but the doctor does nothing about it. We also see two hosts of a 25 year high school reunion try to be uplifting and positive even when their guest are anything but.

The audience also gets to see video interviews with the actors, detailing where they are from and how long they have been with the company.

One particular sequence is when an actor named Mike recited his version of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream. He dreams of a world with flat ground and automatic doors, specially designed buses that are shared ride services, malls with wide aisles and concert halls with the same. A world where he is equal.
This was a poignant piece in the show. Inside Out Theatre is about fun and laughter, but it’s also a glimpse into another world with the purpose of gaining equality, amongst those on stage and in the audience.

The Three L’s has one last show on Saturday. Tickets are available here.


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