Enough to keep you – Feeling pleasantly Sour.

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I’ve finally found some time to cook. And there seems to be a theme to this blog. Mostly it seems that all I ever cook are noodles or pasta. Well, I do eat other things. I just don’t blog about them. And my roomate is a great cook, so I only really do new things when she’s not around. Which generally tends towards pasta, because it’s easy and doesn’t take a lot of prep.
So I found this at Smitten Kitchen and I thought I would give it a shot.
I used fettuccine instead of spaghetti. I wasn’t sure how much a pound of pasta was and was too lazy to look it up. Mostly, I was thinking, really? Three lemons is only that much rind?IMG_1203

And I did something slightly stupid. I got distracted and forgot about the sticker on the lemon. Totally started grating the sticker. Awesome.
Despite all this, it turned out okay. Super lemony. Like hello lemon! here you are!
So next time I would add less lemon. And measure out the cheese instead of just throwing it in. But other than that it was pretty good. Oh, and take the stickers off the lemons. Noted.

Next! I’m having my folks over for dinner (to which my mother was like, but you live with roomates!) and am planning on making a meal that doesn’t have meat, fat, cream or gluten. Should be interesting.



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