Vertigo Theatre is exploring the friendship between Sherlock and Watson in new play

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Braden Griffiths and Curt McKinstry are stepping back into their roles as Sherlock Holmes and Watson for the play Sherlock Holmes and the Raven’s Curse at Vertigo Theatre. They played these characters once before in Sherlock Holmes and the American Problem, and they are thrilled to come back.

“I’m absolutely excited to have the opportunity,” McKinstry says, “but it comes with a certain amount of responsibility in terms of honouring that genre and that character.”

Both Griffiths and McKinstry did hours of reading and watching others play these characters.

“Sherlock Holmes has been intrinsic in building the pop culture.” Griffiths says. You see the influence of Sherlock everywhere. There are so many versions of Sherlock and Watson. “I felt like I had to honour and integrate the flavour of what has come before.”

“But I knew we would put our own stamp on it,” McKinstry adds.

McKinstry wasn’t much of a fan of Watson being portrayed as an idiot. He doesn’t think that’s who Watson is, being ex-military and a doctor. He was fond of Martin Freeman’s portrayal of Watson in the miniseries Sherlock and is bringing that style into his portrayal. “Watson commands respect and can stand on his own,” McKinstry says. “And in this play we see a bit more into his heart, we get to see his humanity. He gets to play on his own a bit. Plus he gets to go undercover.”

Sherlock and the Raven’s Curse is a brand new story written by R. Hamilton Wright in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and takes place six months after Mary Watson has passed away. Sherlock and Watson are not residing together.

“The last play created the dance of the action movie Sherlock, this one creates the dance of the parlour room mystery, it’s less sweaty, it’s less gritty. Its more cerebral. I would say there is more heart in this one,” Griffiths states.

“This particular piece touches more on their relationship than anything else,” says McKinstry. “I’m really excited for audiences to see what it is about these two men that keeps them together. There is so much about them that is wrong as a unit, but there is so much that is right. This production celebrates what is right about their relationship.”

This new Sherlock adventure is highly anticipated already, as it has been held over until December 14th. Tickets and more information can be found online.

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