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Vertigo Theatre’s ‘Ms. Holmes & Ms. Watson – #2B’ is a welcome twist on classic characters.

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Since Sherlock Holmes has become public domain, there is now space for interpretations and adaptations. Enter Kate Hamill’s Ms. Holmes & Ms. Watson – #2B. This version of Sherlock is a Canadian premiere at Vertigo Theatre. It’s a whirlwind production that is just as playful as it is confusing. The logic of the mystery remains a mystery […]

Vertigo Theatre’s ‘Heist’ keeps you guessing.

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I’ve been looking forward to Vertigo Theatre’s production of Heist by Arun Lakra since it was announced. Lakra’s last play won many awards and his follow-up is much anticipated. This play does not disappoint, but it takes a lot of investment to get to the nugget at the center of the narrative. Who can you trust? Who […]

Vertigo Theatre’s Sleuth is light mystery fare.

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‘Sleuth’ by Anthony Shaffer is a production that will always keep you guessing. It’s mysterious and comedic and the characters, as you come to learn, have a flair for the dramatic. Vertigo Theatre’s production is the classic telling of the 1970s play that incorporates a fleeting role, in this case, performed by Helen Knight as […]