Review: Ariel Allusions

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Ariel Allusions is described as a play that as a journey poking in the perspective of humanity through feminine and masculine viewpoints. It combines dance, clowning and theatre.

This play takes place in the Lantern Church Gym, and though they tried their best to provide a blackout, there was still light shining through the windows. When both dancers performed flash posing, it wasn’t as effective without a total blackout.
The performance features introspection about the meaning of life and the struggle of humanity, with dance performances, ariel silks and clown costuming thrown in.

To close off the show the actors (Azana Pilar Phillps and Jaz Morneau) ended with the saying I’ve heard multiple times before. ‘If you liked it, tell your friends, if you didn’t well just don’t say anything.’ Would that be following etiquette as a reviewer? Not saying anything at all?

This performance fell flat. There wasn’t anything binding it together. There wasn’t a plot, and the sequences were sloppy. There was a whole skit where Morneau kicks Phillps around and then in a symetric skit, the roles are reversed. The purpose of this skit isn’t clear. The choreography isn’t sharp or realistic. The performers strip down for no apparent reason. The only aspect of this performance that is intriguing at all is the work done on the ariel silks.
Ariel Allusions has two more shows. More info here.


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