Enough to keep you – Overwhelmed

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So life has been on fast forward. Incredibly crazy me getting home at midnight every night – kind of crazy. The kind of weeks where I sleep for twelve hours on the weekend because I’m so exhausted.
So this post is late by a week and that’s the reason. Also, I haven’t had the energy to cook much either.
But I joined on to a CSA with my roommates and Mandy.

IMG_1574Which means that we get a delivery every week. Which means that we got a delivery of a basil plant. I had this ambition to make pesto, because I heard it was easy but had never attempted it.
My roommates were dog sitting, so I went grocery shopping on the Monday and bought chicken and everything. I wanted to try out Martha’s Chicken Pesto Fettuccine recipe.
But Monday turned into Thursday, then Friday. And my basil had gone bad.

Ever have one of those moments where you just feel overwhelmingly like you just can’t do it anymore? Like I can’t buy groceries and not have them go bad, but I’m not satisfied just eating soup out of a can, and I have a board meeting that’s a potluck in an hour and I’m fried and spent.

But I’m stubborn. Like seriously. And when I have a plan to do something, I DO IT.

So I went to the grocery store with about an hour to go before I had to be at my board meeting. CO-OP didn’t have fresh basil. At which point one would say: Jenna, give up and BUY pesto. But that’s hardly the point. So I went to Safeway and they had it. I also picked up a snack because I was starving and FRIES were the answer.

I then proceeded to make pesto and cook chicken and make a spinach salad to take to my board meeting. Pesto is actually really easy. Roasted nuts (I used walnuts because they are cheaper than pine nuts), basil, garlic and olive oil. I even froze it! (Well I had to, because I tend to not make things in reasonable portions). And then left the kitchen in a complete mess to make the pasta when I returned from my board meeting. The ironic part is that had I been lazy and not defrosted the chicken, I wouldn’t have had to cook at all.

I returned after my board meeting to find that my roommates had returned from dog sitting and I was making chicken pesto fettuccine and not eating it. It was 10pm. My roommate was like ‘Jenna has like four more hours of cooking to do’. Not entirely true.

This dish was actually really great, though I used cream. Which means there is no way it would not be great. Yeah, I should not use cream. But it won’t be good otherwise. Oh dilemma.

This blogger is grateful for wine. That is all.


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  1. ~*shannoetry

    I applaud your efforts to make a yummy, home cooked meal in the face of what I know is a ridiculous schedule! Kudos, lady. Looks yummy. Was it all the more worth it because you pushed through? 🙂

  2. Jenna

    I think so! I had three complete meals after that. I just get sick of eating out and not being able to cook at home. Then I make epic meals at ridiculous hours. 🙂


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