False Profits – Review

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If you’re feeling anxious lately, with the state of the economy and the state of politics, maybe Jeff Leard’s new show False Profits isn’t for you. Because it doesn’t hold back on illustrating the depths of our dumpster fire. But maybe it’s also what you need to see, a no nonsense, tell it like it is, theatre piece that doesn’t gloss over or sugarcoat anything. So you can’t turn away.

Leard introduces the show, opening with the statement: It’s 2019.
He goes on to describe how an entire generation cannot afford to own a home, the environment is a mess, oh and the Nazis are back. Leard then interrupts his own show to lose his mind. He swears and screams and frankly, has all the right to. He is enacting how a whole lot of people are feeling.

Leard then goes on to tell the story of the Koch brothers and Koch Industries, basically how they have bent the system to make billions and then use that money to influence policy and politics.

It is a cutting and biting depiction of the certain billionaires and the lengths they go to, in order to keep their money.
Is it a feel good theatre piece? No. Will it make you feel like the bad guys are winning? Yes. Is it important theatre, that enrages you and opens your eyes? Yes.

Leard stumbled on his lines a bit in this performance but the narrative he builds is poignant. He does in the end try to leave you with a slight glimmer of hope.

False Profits is part of the Calgary Fringe Festival. It plays two more times in the Festival and will play in the Edmonton Fringe Festival. More information is available online.

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