An honest* History of Bullshit – Review

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Paco Erhard’s stand up comedy performance on Thursday night at the Ironwood had a smaller crowd, but Erhard was able to roll with it.

In his act Erhard discusses the definition of bullshit, basically pretending to be something you are not. He jokes about how we are so awash in it, that we have grown pretty accustomed to it. He jokes about the President of the United States, recycling, climate change, and IKEA. He does it all with his patent German charm.

Some of Erhard’s jokes don’t land or are a little forced in delivery, but overall his show is pretty funny, especially if you are prepared to laugh at yourself. It’s something we need, in the face of depressive times. Take it from a German.

An honest* History of Bullshit plays 3 more times as part of the Calgary Fringe Festival and is going to play at the Edmonton Fringe Festival. More information is available online.

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