A day in the life of Miss Hiccup – Review

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Miss Hiccup is a clown and she lives alone. The audience gets to watch her throughout the course of her day, brushing her teeth, going to the bathroom, playing ping pong with her eyeball and hanging out with her squeaky slipper friend. It’s all in good fun, as Miss Hiccup goes about her day.
Hiromi Yano puts forward some great clowning and has some sequences that are genuinely cute. Some border on gruesome, as there are instances where she eats chicks, or takes out her eyeball. Nonetheless this is an ideal show for kids, and Yano makes a point of engaging with them while she is on stage.

Yano’s costuming is of note. Her makeup is detailed and she is adorned in flowers, red gloves and red shoes. It gives her whole appearance a charming playfulness.

If you enjoy this type of physical theatre and clowning, then this is the show for you, as it has portions that are quite well done. It’s a lively, fun performance, and she does indeed hiccup all the way. If watching a clown do their thing isn’t really your idea of a great time, then this show isn’t for you. Miss Hiccup doesn’t appeal to everyone.

A day in the life of Miss Hiccup is part of the Calgary Fringe Festival. It plays 4 more times in the festival. More information is available online.

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