This was BIG.

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About a year ago I wrote about Calgary 2012 and the cultural capital of Canada designation. I said something along the lines of the Calgary Stampede having a local art day during one day in the Stampede. Promote local musicians, theatre groups, dance troupes. And it happened, except it wasn’t the Calgary Stampede’s brainchild.
(That’s okay though! I hear that they featured a local opera singer, the CPO and Alberta Ballet at the Grand Stand show this year!)

BIG, an all day festival during one day of the Calgary Stampede, features local talent and organizations. Coordinated by Paul Bazay and Adrian Urlacher, the festival ran all day last Friday at Commonwealth Bar. Yes, I’m telling you about something that passed. Why? Because it’s such a great idea, and a great opportunity to see some great art while Stampeding. The day featured music to theatre, from the Calgary International Film Festival to Bad Portraits. All proceeds went to Alberta Arts Flood Rebuild.

And they are doing it again next year. This is your head’s up. Now.

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