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Vic’s Mix, a RUBBERBAND production was an evening of wild dance technique.

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RUBBERBAND is a Montreal based dance company that supports the creation of work by choreographer Victor Quijada. Vic’s Mix is a remix of the choreographer’s mix and breaks down barriers between hip hop and classical formalism. It’s this jarring mix of break dancing and ballet. It has become its own style, the RUBBERBAND method. Vic’s […]

Vertigo Theatre’s ‘Heist’ keeps you guessing.

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I’ve been looking forward to Vertigo Theatre’s production of Heist by Arun Lakra since it was announced. Lakra’s last play won many awards and his follow-up is much anticipated. This play does not disappoint, but it takes a lot of investment to get to the nugget at the center of the narrative. Who can you trust? Who […]