Sensory Box lets you rediscover theatre

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Rediscover. Slow down and savour.

This is the idea at the heart of Ghost River Theatre’s SensoryBox. You get to unwrap a box in the company of others at the theatre in a socially distant way, or from the comfort of your own home, with the soothing sound of Mike Tan’s voice as your narrator and guide.

And you’re blindfolded.

This concept lines up well with Ghost River’s theatre series based on the different senses, which I attended Scent Bar, Touch, and Tomorrow’s Child. I felt like I went in with a good idea of what to expect.

In a time of isolation, disconnection and uncertainty, SensoryBox tries to bring about a shared experience. The production keeps you in the present, keeps you guessing and tries to move you through this conflicting time we are in.

You get to unwrap your box and within you will find the opportunity to play, to discover, to experience. I can’t reveal what’s in the box, but it was like a balm to share in an experience, in a room with other people. To see Tan’s expressions and hear his voice as a guide.

Artistic Producer Eric Rose teamed up with local playwright Christopher Duthie to write the play, with Emily Promise Allison as art director and design.

This may be the safest way to experience theatre right now.

And boy have I missed it.

Ghost River Theatre’s Sensory Box runs again this week on Thursday. Get more information here.

Photo: Christopher Duthie and Eric Rose

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