Peter ‘n Chris explore their bodies – Review

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Peter and Chris are back for the Edmonton Fringe. And I would argue that this is their best show yet. The premise, is that they are going to explore Chris’ body, where we meet The Dark One, who is controlling Chris to think that he’s getting sick all the time, with particular fatal diseases. The Dark One (played by Chris) kills bunnies and laugh maniacally. He instructs his loyal subject Percy (played by Peter) to go to the ear and lay down the foundation to make the brain think that the body had liver cancer, otherwise he will be booted to the stomach where he will have to play the hung-ary games.

It’s well written, well acted sketch comedy from Peter and Chris, and the well thought out framework allows for some gems in improve from both actors. The premise of going inside the body to create a story is fun and imaginative and who doesn’t think that sometimes, a little evil man is actually controlling your body? Peter ‘n Chris explore their bodies is funny and clever and demonstrates the immense talent and energy of the two actors. Don’t miss it if you would like a good laugh.

Peter ‘n Chris explore their bodies is part of the Edmonton Fringe Festival. It plays 7 more times in the festival. More information is available online.

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