One Man Lord of the Rings – Review

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Performed at the blazingly hot Sugar Swing Dance Club, One Man Lord of the Rings is the entire trilogy of movies, in one hour performed by Charles Ross. It’s quite a feat.

Ross moves around the stage, embodying every character, creating full blown wars vocally and blowing through the entire narrative without missing a beat. He does take the time to interact with the audience between movies (and drink some much needed water). Ross gives an imppecable performance, it’s lively and energetic and captivating.

There is only one glitch that Ross acknowledges. One Man Lord of the Rings is enjoyable but it will only have you absolutely loving it if you have the storyline firmly encased in your memory. Having watched all three movies years ago and not read the books, left me a little lost. But I still enjoyed being lost.

One Man Lord of the Rings is part of the Edmonton Fringe Festival. It plays 3 more times in the festival. More information is available online.


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