Scarlet Woman

Enough to keep you – Laughing

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Lunchbox Theatre’s Scarlet Woman is categorized as a film noir mystery. It should really be under the new category of satire of film noir.

The play originally was produced in the Edmonton Fringe Festival a year and a half ago and director Mark Bellamy and local actor Karen Johnson Diamond saw it and thought it was a gem. So Lunchbox picked it up. The original production debuted to critical acclaim in New York.

The play features Julie Orton as Velma and Myla Southward as Carmen, two actressed who play twelve different characters, as they strive to resolve the mystery that is encased in murder and double crossing.

Matthew Wells’ play is clever and witty and laugh out loud funny at points, but this is the case because Orton and Southward bring the script to life. They are comedic and dramatic and on point. Aaron Collier’s adds to darkness of the play and is overly dramatic, which enhances the satire of the narrative. Terry Gunvordahl’s set design is a highlight. A simple set up of screens alows Orton and and Southward to dark around and change costume while creating a vintage dark mood. Wells’s dialogue is a little too quick sometimes and the audience misses complete lines. It borders on irritating due to repetition sometimes, but because the two actresses are so talented, the repetition plays off as charming. In the wrong hands and without the right creative design, this play wouldn’t be as successful.

Scarlet Woman is fun and well done. It’s worth giving up your lunchhour for.

Scarlet Woman runs until the 23rd. Tickets and more information is available online.

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