High Performance Rodeo time!

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It’s January, which means that one of the biggest theatre festivals is upon us in Calgary: The High Performance Rodeo.

The line up is pretty good this year, with some strong entries. I’ll be reviewing like a demon this year, but there are some shows that are running only three nights so reviews aren’t really going to help them out.

Here are the shows that I wouldn’t miss:

A Brimful of BrimfulWeb1_c_w460h306Asha – Whenever people ask what I’m excited for I talk about this show. It hits home culturally, talking to arranged marriage and Indian cultural norms. But the very cool aspect of this play is that Ravi Jain has cast his own mother in the play. I’m very excited about this production.


Antoine Feval Web_c_w460h306

Antoine Feval – Based on Sherlock Holmes and originally a Fringe show, this production is sure to do well. I was planning on seeing it on a matinee in the first weekend and it was already sold out. This is going to be a high energy, fun show.

Of FightingOFA_c_w460h306 Age – My buddy Christopher Duthie is back in Calgary from Toronto for this production in the Glenbow Museum, with Verb Theatre’s Col Cseke and direction by Ghost River Theatre’s David Van Belle. You don’t really need to know what it involves. The talent behind it alone, should be worth the trip.

Because I’m seeing so many it’s easier to outline the shows I plan on skipping this year.

God Squad’s Super Night Shot – Though it sounds quite interesting, it’s a one night only presentation and I need to pace myself.

Young Drunk Punk – I was too young for Kids In the Hall. And Bruce McCullogh doing a one man show on his life doesn’t really grab me. Unless other critics say that I absolutely have to see it, I don’t think it’ll do anything for me.

The Walrus Talks – I don’t recognize anyone in the lineup. Though they usually explore interesting ideas, I think an evening at home will do me better.

All reviews and previews that I do will be on this website and on Getdown.ca
I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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