Grim and Fischer – Review

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Wonderhead’s Grim and Fischer is not a new theatre piece. This production did feature a new bonus Wondershot, Suzie the magician. She’s a magician, complete with a cape of ‘majic’ and a irrepressible urge to please. She performs her magic tricks while the audience is waiting in their seats and then does a 5 minute set as an opening. It’s a little tiresome as Suzie, predictably is a terrible magician and her attempts at magic are not very funny.

Fortunately, this addition is the only low light of the production. The play tells of Mrs. Fischer, a granny who is doing all that she can to escape the Grim himself. At first she tries the techniques that work on her delivery man, a whoopee cushion and a hidden television remote. She then utilizes a variety of techniques to outsmart the Grim. She hits him with a frying pan, she fires bullets into him, she stabs him with a fork. It’s the granny who just won’t give up. It’s not her time. Grim and Fischer is a sweet tale about trying to outsmart death and it is no wonder that the play has won so many Fringe awards. Performed in Wonderhead’s signature full faced masks, the play is charming and funny.┬áIf you missed it the first time around, don’t miss it this time.

Grim and Fischer is part of the Edmonton Fringe Festival. It plays 6 more times in the festival. More information is available here.

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