Ghost River Theatre’s Tomorrow’s Child is a fascinating theatre experience

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Ghost River Theatre’s auditory experience, Tomorrow’s Child is definitely a unique theatre experience. Audience members are blindfolded and are lead through to their seats in groups of 4. You can’t move your seat around, but you can spin around as much as you would like.
Tomorrow’s Child is an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi short story about two new parents Polly (Anna Cummer) and Peter (Tyrell Crews) who have to deal with their son being born into a fourth dimension. The story leads us through their feelings of wanting to be with their ‘real’ son and how he is considered to be a freak in his current state.

Ghost River has adapted Bradbury’s story with cutting edge sound technology and the experience is fascinating. Without the ability to see, the sound-scape of the narrative is more acute. The story comes at you with different conversations and different perspectives. Different locations are all illustrated by sound design. It makes for an engaging story told in an innovative fashion.
Tomorrow’s Child is different take on storytelling. It is immersive, innovative theatre and I can’t wait for the other installments in the 6-sense series.

Tomorrow’s Child runs at their new space formerly known as DSW until the 22nd. More information is available online.

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