Enough to keep you – Fascinated

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Green Fool Theatre is an arts company that focuses on physical art that utilizes masks, puppets and stilts. They had a performance that ran this past week called Once Upon an Atom Bomb. It took place in this little church on Earlton Road and I originally didn’t think I had time to see it. But then I was talking to Stephen Hunt at the Calgary Herald and he said that I should see it for the projection art.
So I made time yesterday to fit this little show in.

It’s a really interesting melting of projection art and narrative and puppets. It features performances by Vanessa Sabourin and Jed Tomlinson, and is a high technology show. The projections are hands down the best I’ve seen in the city. The work that Alberta Theatre Projects and Theatre Calgary are putting on in terms of projections hold nothing to what Eric Rose (of Ghost River Theatre) is producing. It is fascinating to see this in a small space.

The narrative and the storyline could use a little work. What happens to the main character seems like a little too much, and she winds up being a part of a nightmare. The theme of outer space and stars are compelling, but the ending leaves the audience wanting more. Vanessa Sabourin does a great job as the main character, her singing voice is strong. The puppets and production are an incredible amount of work. Once upon an Atom Bomb is a fascinating piece of theatre.


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