Enough to keep you – Full

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So preservatives are bad for you. But the thing is, when you’re running around, trying to get everything done, sometimes preservatives are the things that make you not spend a fortune on eating out. I used to buy guacamole at the store. But my friend J. makes it herself. But she’s like the goddess of cooking. I’m not kidding. She makes pies and granola and yogurt as if it’s the easiest thing on the planet.
Now I wouldn’t say that I don’t know what I’m doing in the kitchen. I can make Mauritian meals. I can follow a recipe and get a feel for things. So, we’ll start small. Then we’ll go to the end goal of pumpkin pie. Once I can do that I officially am doing more then just getting by.

So I got together all the ingredients together to make guacamole. The recipe can be found here. It tried it. It was okay. But I’ve tasted better. R. didn’t say that but that’s what I thought. Then I found one that has all those ingredients plus one kicker that makes it amazing. Cilantro. Throw it all together, and I really mean mush it all out. Don’t need any steps involved really.

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