Enough to keep you – Exhilirated

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The Lost Fingers were in town Wednesday night at the Rozsa Centre.
They are a jazz manouche style band, which is a style of jazz invented by Django Reinhardt in the 1930s.
Reinhardt severely burned two of his fingers but learned to play the guitar anyway and the member of The Lost Fingers used that, as inspiration for their name.

This band quietly came to Calgary, dressed in matching black suits with white bow ties and played to a small crowd of whistling, adoring and encouraging fans.
The greatest part was when they played their cover of Billie Jean and beat boxed the beat. They asked for a volunteer to moonwalk. A guy in the back just KNEW it was going to be him and he waltz to the stage, moonwalked back and forth and waltz back, all to the thunderous applause of the audience.

Their only media coverage, as far as I can tell was an article in the Sun and a listing in Visit Calgary. So it left me with this question, how many times does Calgary have a gem performance like this and no one knows about it? No wonder people often think that there is nothing to do in Calgary.

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