Carolina Slim is making a name for herself in Calgary

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Carolina Slim has been singing since the age of 7. “I felt the music inside me,” she says. She sang professionally in her home country of Mexico and toured with various bands. About 18 months ago she moved to Calgary and now has experienced her very first Calgary Folk Music Festival.

I met with Slim after her first workshop at the festival and she said that it was “interesting.” She has never played a workshop before and didn’t really know how it worked, however she said it was a lot of fun to collaborate on the spot with other musicians.

Slim is working on two albums right now. One is with Esteban Herrera that will have a pop jazz musical style, while the other will be more of a folk pop feel, entitled Tierra (meaning Land). Slim really wants to “tell the story of Mexico” in this album. She wants to talk about the corruption in Mexico, the lack of access to education and how the government is taking from the people. “Somebody needs to do something.” Her passion comes through when she talks about what she wants to express through her music. “If my music moves people, than that is the greatest gift.”

You can see Caroline Slim at Expo Latino in Calgary, running at Prince’s Island Park August 17-19. More information is available online.

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