Enough to keep you – Collaborative

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Though I stopped running a business of dog sitting for the past year, so that I could focus on writing and the arts and marketing, I do favours for friends every once in a while. So for the past two weeks I’ve been dog sitting in Bridgeland. (For Mandy, actually).
My friend Erin is also in that neighbourhood, so we’ve been walking dogs at the off leash park.

Which has led me to really notice that the geese are flying south.

Have you ever noticed that if they are flying south (or coming back) you hear them as they go by? I learned in one of my commerce courses that there is actually a reason for that. The geese fly in a the form of a V, so that they don’t all have to battle the air resistance. So the dude in the front is basically working the hardest because he’s breaking the resistance the most. So why are they so loud? Because all the other geese are cheering him on. Encouraging him. Telling him he rocks (in bird talk of course). But what craziness in terms of collaboration. It’s a total illustration of how working as a team and collaborating can create better results. How working together will get us further along then trying to do everything alone.

Something to think about.

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