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Mayoral Candidates are coming together to talk about the Arts

With the Calgary civic election on the horizon, three theatre companies have come together to host a Mayoral Candidates Forum on the Arts. Spearheaded by Theatre Junction Grand with One Yellow Rabbit Theatre and Alberta Theatre Projects, the forum will take place on August 28th, at 6pm, at Theatre Junction Grand.

Calgary Theatre Critics’ Awards comes to an end

As our city launches into one of the busiest months in theatre during September, it is with heavy hearts and regret that the Calgary Theatre Critics (Louis B Hobson, Stephen Hunt, Rodrigo Flores and Jenna Shummoogum) must announce the conclusion of the Calgary Theatre Critics’ Awards (The Critters.) Since 2011, the Calgary Theatre Critics’ Awards […]

The Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival

The Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival Calgary is back for two days of indulgence on October 17 and 18, offering a little something for everyone. The Festival offers the opportunity to sample an extensive variety of world-class wine, scotch, premium spirits, import and micro-brewed beer along with gourmet culinary creations from local restaurants, hotels […]

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Stage West’s production of Baskerville A Sherlock Holmes Mystery is a quirky comedy

There is a certain draw and intrigue to Sherlock Holmes. There are many productions of the stories of the private detective for film, stage, television and even video games. Stage West is presenting Ken Ludwig’s version of Sherlock Holmes, entitled Baskerville A Sherlock Holmes Mystery. It’s a fun, quirky, comedic production with theatrical comedy to keep it […]

Lunchbox Theatre’s Ai Yah! Sweet and Sour Secrets – Review

My review of Lunchbox Theatre’s Ai Yah! Sweet and Sour Secrets for

Ghost River Theatre’s presentation of ‘OCD’ examines mental illness

In the quiet of the West Village Theatre, audience members wait for the play OCD to start. Jenna, the theatre volunteer comes in to give the audience general etiquette pointers. Turn off your cell phone, the play should be starting shortly. But then she starts talking about in case of emergency, where the exits of the theatre […]