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Vertigo Theatre is exploring the friendship between Sherlock and Watson in new play

Braden Griffiths and Curt McKinstry are stepping back into their roles as Sherlock Holmes and Watson for the play Sherlock Holmes and the Raven’s Curse at Vertigo Theatre. They played these characters once before in Sherlock Holmes and the American Problem, and they are thrilled to come back. “I’m absolutely excited to have the opportunity,” […]

Reuben and the Dark takes a different approach on their new album

Catch them at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in October! Reuben and the Dark is quite busy nowadays. They just announced their new album Un ǀ Love, and released a single Faultline. Reuben Bullock, the lead singer, has also been doing some commercial writing for tv and movies. “I’ve done some of it in […]

Alberta Ballet is bringing Bollywood to the stage

Are you ready? Taj Express, a bollywood musical production is coming to Calgary and Edmonton, welcomed by Alberta Ballet, direct from Mumbai. There promises to be live music, colourful costume and high energy. Director Shruti Merchant is excited to bring the production to Alberta. Merchant has worked on films such as Dhoom, Lakshya, Baghban, Kuch […]

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Downstage Theatre’s ‘Men Express Their Feelings’ feels forced

The concept that fuels Men Express Their Feelings by Sunny Drake and presented with the generous support of Hit & Myth Productions is examining masculinity in a super charged setting: hockey. The play even pushes the concept further by having the characters have a feelings circle in a hockey dressing room. It sounds like the […]

Handsome Alice’s ‘Between Us’ looks at domestic violence in intimate setting

The Calgary Herald recently reported on domestic violence numbers in the city of Calgary and they are disturbing. Of the 20 confirmed homicides in 2019, a third of them were domestic. Alberta has the third highest rate of domestic violence in the country. Handsome Alice Theatre has taken on this issue and produced a play […]

Perceived political inadequacy bring laughter in Stage West’s ‘The Outsider’

If you went on a date with Stage West’s production of The Outsider, the first half would be the equivalent of adequate conversation and you would be looking at your watch. If you parted at this point, you probably wouldn’t be looking for a second date. But if you got to the second half, you’d […]