Helmut’s Big Day – Review

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SabirĀ  talks to his helmet. Helmut gives him advice on his marching and has an ambition to be a dancer. Sabir (Alan Johnson) is defending the empire, positioned on top of the wall that divides the Great Plains from the Barren Plains. And his friend Helmut stops him from going crazy, because it can get quite lonely.

This story could go sideways very quickly. But director Kathryn Smith keeps Helmut’s Big Day on the rails, moving along nicely. Enter Katar (Emma Sinclair) a slow-witted guy who happens to be strolling by. He was on his way to play games with another soldier. But smitten by the idea of being friends with Sabir, Katar agrees to stay on this part of the wall because there are two riders coming towards them.

Helmut’s Big Day is a cute story. It’s a little simple, but as it ties up its narrative, you kind of wish you could spend more time with Sabir, Katar and Helmut. Running at 45 minutes, Helmut’s Big Day is a fun, simple story. And we could use more of those.

Helmut’s Big Day is part of the Calgary Fringe Festival. There are 3 more chances to catch it. More information is available online.

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