Review: Guys in Disguise – The Silver Anniversary Edition

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Can I confess something? I’ve never reviewed a drag show, formally. Which isn’t to say I’m inexperienced in seeing drag, as I’ve seen my fair share. I’ve just never reviewed it.
And Guys in Disguise at the Fringe Festival is a drag show. So here is a bit of advice. If you have no desire what so ever to be part of the show, don’t sit in the front. Because you’ll be part of the show. Either having to interact with the performers, or down a couple mouthfuls of booze. It’s all in good fun.

Guys in Disguise features performances by Reba McEntire, Cher, Annie Lenox, and Julie Andrews. Stevens and Tyme can don glitter and walk around in heels so high, most women wouldn’t be able to manage. This performance is an entertaining hour of music and sass.

Guys in Disguise have two more shows and tickets are available here.


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