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Theatre Calgary’s Honour Beat is a refreshing story

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It’s when we all come together that it can all fall apart. The sisters of Theatre Calgary’s Honour Beat are trying the best they can to keep the story of their family together, as they lose their mother. The play is about the mother daughter relationship and the strong ties of family that keep us together. Honour Beat by […]

Magical Mystery Detour – Review

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If you saw Shadows in Bloom last year at the Calgary Fringe Festival, this is the third in the series by Gemma Wilcox about a somewhat lonely woman named Sandra and her tale of life and love.  Magical Mystery Detour is performed with the same quirky flair as Wilcox’s other productions, where she plays all the characters, from […]

Fake Gnus – Review

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Fake Gnus is filled with sketches that make fun of Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein and also features an appearance from Louis C.K. All of those stories were probably called fake news at some point or another. The team, consisting of Tony Binns, Trevor Campbell, Shannon Leahy and Oksana Porteous. They take some risks by […]