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Enough to keep you – Well Fed.

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Calgary’s 2nd Annual Poutine Crawl was last Saturday. I had heard about it last year but missed out, and just managed to grab a ticket this year, because someone cancelled. The crawl consists of: 1 party bus, 50 people, 6 restaurants, 6 sampler sized portions of poutine – which in fact = 3 pounds of […]

Enough to keep you – Skeptical.

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Have you heard? Calgary is the cultural capital of Canada for 2012. And an independent non-profit operating for the year of 2012 has taken on the role of showcasing Calgary’s culture and create legacy projects to encourage future cultural achievements. This non profit is called Calgary 2012. It’s comprised of a people, mostly from Calgary […]

Enough to keep you – Strategizing.

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“All of us are engaged in a fundamental realignment in culture and communications” — Ben Cameron, on performing arts Thursday was the first annual Calgary Arts Congress. It was a gathering of people who are in any way stakeholders in the arts. Administrators, artists, politicians, enablers. It was organized by Calgary Arts Development. The keynote […]