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Enough to keep you – Sunny

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I had an epic potluck fail on Friday. I wanted to bring something Mauritian. There are these appetizers, (well, Mauritians also eat them for breakfast) called gateaux piment, and I’ve never made them before. My MOTHER has never made them. But I’m ambitious sometimes. To my detriment. I went by a recipe in my mom’s […]

Enough to keep you – Fulfilled

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The world’s greatest meatballs. I found them here. It seems that this has got to be the greatest food ever, or she just takes really good pictures. So Mandy and I got together to try this out. And I was dog sitting, so the dogs got to run around and play for four hours straight. […]

Enough to keep you – Frenzied

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So I had my folks over for dinner. On the menu? Guacamole and hummus as appetizers and Pad Thai for main. I had bought avocados on Monday, anticipating that they would be ripe by the time Friday rolled around. Not so much. Total fail. So I crushed them up best I could, and put them […]