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Enough to keep you – Nostalgic.

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So there is a valid reason as to why I haven’t updated in a little over two months. I was away. In a faraway land. My family, on both sides are from Mauritius. It’s a little island, off the coast of Madacascar, in the Indian Ocean. Which begs the question: Why did they come here? […]

Enough to keep you – Humble

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All of the past remembrance days, since I’ve been out of University, I’ve worked. I got a day off as a trade off, but I always missed not being in grade school and going to a ceremony. This year I could have gone with David to a ceremony, but I decided that in honour of […]

Enough to keep you – Collaborative

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Though I stopped running a business of dog sitting for the past year, so that I could focus on writing and the arts and marketing, I do favours for friends every once in a while. So for the past two weeks I’ve been dog sitting in Bridgeland. (For Mandy, actually). My friend Erin is also […]