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Enough to keep you – Overwhelmed

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So life has been on fast forward. Incredibly crazy me getting home at midnight every night – kind of crazy. The kind of weeks where I sleep for twelve hours on the weekend because I’m so exhausted. So this post is late by a week and that’s the reason. Also, I haven’t had the energy […]

Enough to keep you – Anticipating.

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It’s the end of the theatre season and therefore the Betty Michell Awards are coming up. Just as a refresher, the Betty Mitchell Awards Nomination Commitee is an anonymous jury of twelve theatre┬ámembers who select nominees in sixteen award categories from the eligible shows. The input is then tabulated and a list of nominees is […]

Enough to keep you – Debating

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Better late then never? Life has been pretty crazy this past week (it’s only Wednesday!) so this post is delayed. I went to the Walrus Glenbow Debate at the Maxbell Theatre last Thursday. The topic was Calgary’s Cowboy Culture: Living Legacy or Just History? Debating for Living Legacy was Joan Crockatt and Mercedes Stephenson. (I […]