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Enough to keep you – Warm

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February has had some pockets of breaks. Time where I can actually cook and maybe rest a little. When I’m not reviewing dance for the Herald. Or getting push back from people for my review. Mostly from the company themselves. I had my first dinner party! With people over who weren’t my parents. I had […]

Enough to keep you – Ambitious.

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Back in May I had this ambition to be all supportive and urban and take part in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). My roommates and I and a couple other people have taken part. So since May, I’ve picked up a share of veggies and lugged them to my house where they have taken residence […]

Enough to keep you – Facing The World

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This blog hasn’t been super personal. After all, I created the headline before I starting writing postings. Mostly, I’ve stayed within the mandate. I did do the fringe in Edmonton, but that’s been most of the activity outside of what I defined this blog to be. Greg, Jenn, me and our friend Adam So today […]