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Enough to keep you – Contented.

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So a fellow blogger had a potluck. A fellow blogger – as in Julie Van Rosendaal If you don’t know who she is, she is the food and nutrition columnist on the Eye Opener on CBC Radio in the morning. But more importantly she has made a living doing what she loves, making food and […]

Enough to keep you – Satisfied

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The Heartland Cafe (used to have two locations, one in Kensington and one in Bridgeland, but now only the Bridgeland one exists) makes REALLY good Mac and Cheese. They managed to put tomatoes in it and it wasn’t sun dried tomatoes. So I’ve been on a mission to make a Mac & Cheese dish like […]

Enough to keep you – Seeking

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So I haven’t really been cooking lately because I’ve been so busy doing contract work for a couple shows. But I’ve moved (again!) and things have calmed down in my world so I jumped back into it. I was having a discussion the other day about how I LOVE listening to Julie Van Rosendaal on […]